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Doll Crafter Dec-2003



Bell Doll Maker

Winter Issue 2003


Bell Doll Maker

Winter Issue 2003

Lady Marion

Dollcrafter Magazine

Dec. 2001-----------Birdie

March 2002-------Tanzie -Spotlight Page

April 2002  -----Nicole

May 2002-----Nancy

July 2002------Jessie

Sept. 2002----Fantasy Estellas


Dec 2002-----Precious

Feb. 2003------Eileen


Aug. 2003  Cover-------Cosette


Doll Artisan


Nov. 2002----Bru Jne 11


Rosette for Grand Masters Degree


March 2003  Cover


Doll Costuming

Jewelry article


Soft Dolls and Animals


June/July 2000-blue bear


Nov. 2001--------Duck


Nov. 2002-brown bear with pumpkin


July 2003----Green dog


Bell Ceramics-Dollmaker's Workshop


Dec/Jan 2000-01-------Kayla & Molly



Feb/Mar 2001--pink bear and rabbit

June/July 2001-----Katie


Spring 2002-Bru in Brown Velvet


Summer 2002----Lady Marian-Rochard and painting techniques


Fall 2002--Lady Marian underwear


Winter 2002-----Lady Marion Bride


Spring 2003---Lady Marian-Lord Benjamin Wedding




Final Word editorial--------Oct 2000


Dec. 2000--------Laura


Oct. 2001----------Marrianne's


Dec. 200l-----------Tanzey angel


Feb. 2002 Cover-------Valentine Nicole


Aug. 2003 Cover-------Tomasina


Oct. 2002 cover-----Scarecrow


April 2003------Alexandra in dress


June 2003-------Alexandra's underclothes